About us

What we do.


All About Gag - is the worldwide only producer and seller of customized PVC kink gear. Our Products are handmade, high quality and all vegan. We ship them to all around the world. In our stock we have different color of PVC (clear, black, white, blue and red) which we constantly renew and expand. Our company is based on fully customized and personalised products. This can include customized size, color, design, shape, type of product and even items with your own name, logo or watermark. We also have a store of basic kink products to give you ideas and inspiration, These products are available to buy as they are or also customized or personalized. We also lead a small clipstore where we share our Bondage and Fetish video with our own products. Everything you see in there is for sale.


Why PVC ?


There is 3 main reason ​

1- This material is shiny by nature. It's reflect the light without ainsi product

2- It's a no porous material unlike leather or faux leather (PU) who absorbe liquid and almost impossbile to clean it properly. PVC and silicon and waterproof and easy to clean, that is perfect to keep a good hygiene.

3- PVC is made of petrol, not animal skin. It's to perfect material who combine resistance and vegan.

What we want.

Based on our own experience we know thats its almost impossible to find customized PVC kink gear to buy. Thats why our company created a new product for this very specifc sector. We want to make it easier for eveybody who share this fetish to realize their fantasies and desires. Also we think that PVC gives a less expensive cheaper and simpler option to the expensive and hard to treat latex.


Who we are.


I'm Damien Corwin owner and founder of All About Gag and Corwin Rope. Since 2015 I'm working on my personal kink gear production. I started mainly with gags and straps in leather. But Shortly after, cause of my love to shiny things, I started to focus on clear PVC. I developed and perfected my products several years until I got to my final products. I also enlarge my product range and specialized in armbinder, cuffs and many other stuff.